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I have been a history buff all my life. My personal belief is that all history buffs, from the most casual to the professional tome-authoring scholar, have a strong connection to their past lives, and seek to be close to them again through study of those periods which affected their souls so much. If you’d like to visit my site dedicated to the Middle Ages (and I certainly hope you would), click on Consolatium Philosophorum.

Devoted to the study of the Medieval period, featuring topics like art, literature, music, architecture, history, personae, and garb. While you’re there, visit my links page for a list of links about the Middle Ages.

Historian Resources

IPL Ready Reference Collection European History Links

EAWC Chronology – Medieval Europe

Medieval Women

Non-history Links

Kusari Kahn’s Lair

This is the home page of Dylon Whyte, Love of my life and Husband. He produces chain mail of exceptional quality and beauty, as well as award-winning fantastical costumes.

Cavalier’s Own Home Page

The web page of one of my dearest friends, Joe. He has included links to many bizarre and wonderful sites, well worth checking out.


My pal Uileag, all around cool guy with lots of great and diverse links, of particular interest to the medieval student. He updates it monthly, with a brief treatise on that month’s birthstone as well as a fresh rant about what has his panties in a wad this time.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mystery Science Theater 3000, or MST3K as it is commonly called, is a brilliant TV show where unrelenting fun is made of terrible movies. It’s campy, silly, and thoroughly enjoyable.


Star Trek

A reasonably cool site, although not as cool as it could be. My nick for this site is Krinna Loxa, a Betazoid female Starfleet officer. Ya, I’m not delusional.

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