A Word from the Editor, by Michelle Roberts 2

The M@Gazette, Manitoulin's Best Source of News and EntertainmentHello again! It looks like October is over already, and we’re ready for a new month, and a new issue. Hope you all had a fun Hallowe’en. We got a trick or treater for the first time in eight years, according to Dylon. Completely unprepared, I gave the poor girl a piece of gum– all we had in the house that could be considered candy.

The M@Gazette, Manitoulin's Best Source of News and EntertainmentThis month’s recipe was done by Dylon— one of his favourite meals, cornmeal crêpes. They’re delicious, try them for breakfast next Sunday! Barbara explores the delights of the dollar store this month, and Bryant expounds on R.E.M.’s newest offerings, Up. Babs and Bry team up again for the next tale of Dreemlyn, this time a darkly fascinating story about murder and conspiracy. I’d put the younger folk to bed before reading this one.

The M@Gazette, Manitoulin's Best Source of News and Entertainment For somewhat more substantial fare, we’re proud to present two articles commenting on Canada’s past and present. Every victory for European settlers was a defeat for the aboriginal population, but Canada is trying to equal the score. Sue’s insight on The Manitoulin Experiment is sure to make us ponder ourselves and how we treat others. Bonnie’s adventure at Whitefish First Nation is a powerful and uplifting read, don’t miss it.

The M@Gazette, Manitoulin's Best Source of News and EntertainmentWe’ve changed the monthly Photo Contest to a full-fledged Photography Gallery, featuring many photos of the island, instead of merely one. Don’t forget to check it out– there are many lovely and familiar sites to see. And next month we’re hoping to offer an electronic postcard service, featuring photos and works of art by Manitouliners, so check back again!

— Michelle Roberts, editor of the M@ Gazette.