Biography of Dylon Whyte, Publisher and Contributor to The M@Gazette

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the CurtainDylon Whyte’s interest in the world around him began scant moments after he entered this reality and has continued to this day. Much to the chagrin of the universe in general he insists that reality is 4 dimensional, and as such his age of 24 years is nothing but the consequence of living in a linear universe and should be ignored, especially considering that he plans on living forever. (He holds no responsibility for anything that attempts to get between him and his goal of immortality*.)

Honest there's Nothing here! Dylon has dedicated his life to living (a cause that he deems worthy as it is the meaning of life), with learning, creating and loving as worthwhile additions. For him it turned out there was no better education than living. He therefore left the world of conventional education partway through what the ubiquitous “they” call “the 5th grade”.

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You won't find the Meaning of Life in an Invisible GIF! His interests include being addicted to silicon chips, screeching speeding cars to a halt in his never ending hunt for new plants as one of Hell’s Florists, whacking people on the head with a Conanesque Zwei-Hander Pool Noodle Sword in his eternal quest for the history of mankind, pounding glowing hot steel into interesting and useful shapes, covering anyone willing in fancy chain armour, having people pay to see him make a goofball out of himself, hiding his face behind a myriad of masks, scaring farmers and their herds with his musical compositions, confounding and amusing people with his needlessly long run-on sentences and statements like “I’m a Homo Sapiens Cyborg”, Adventuring at the drop of a fedora and bullwhip, fixing things with his Sledge’o’matic, laughing and being laughed at, worshiping Monty Python in front of a secret Cathode Ray Altar, trying to convince the world to buy MooseTape®, waxing poetic on every philosophical thought that comes into his head… and asking really dangerous questions like “Why?”.

*Immortality of course has its own unique definition from Dylon’s unique perspective of the multiverse.

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