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The M@Gazette is interesting and informative !
Well Done !

Jim McLean <[email protected]>
KAGAWONG, ON Canada – Mon May 24 13:50:10 1999The M@Gazette is interesting and informative !
Well Done !

Jim McLean <[email protected]>
kAGAWONG, oN Canada – Mon May 24 13:49:11 1999Cool site!!!!!!
Hi Mellenium TAXI!!!!!

Justin Ralston <[email protected]>
Palmerston, Canada – Fri May 14 21:02:17 1999Cool Site. Hi Mellenium Taxi!!!!!!!!1
Justin Ralston <[email protected]>
Palmerston, Canada – Fri May 14 20:51:06 1999Hello:

I have never been to Manatoulin, but I hope that some day soon I will have a chance to go. I am hoping to hear from the many relatives I have there. If there are any decedents of John R. and Mary (Fawcett) Cranston, please email me. I am a grandaugter of the late James and Catherine Cranston (James was the fifth son of John R. and Mary). I would love to hear from you.

Michele J. Cranston <[email protected]>
Nantucket, MA USA – Fri Mar 19 19:55:43 1999I am interested in contacting the family who raises sheep and also sells the wool and various patterns..I have used their wool before and loved working with it.Please contact me with any info. Thank you
Barb Mcnaughton <[email protected]>
kitchener, ont Canada – Mon Feb 15 19:40:25 1999I was very happy to discover your site. We have been coming to Manitoulin for many summers now and love the beauty and peace the island has to offer. It is great to be in touch with the island in the winter months!
Canada – Fri Jan 22 8:33:41 1999Great web site for Manitoulin Island. It provides a good service and one that I hope people will use and appreciate. I was able to locate a cousin’s email address because of this guest book. A pleasant surprise! Keep up the good work. Hugh

Hugh McLaughlin <[email protected]>
Gore Bay, ON Canada – Tue Jan 19 9:43:14 1999Very nice site. Was hoping to find Frances Robb as a member. The last I heard she was on the Island.
Jill <[email protected]>
Canada – Mon Jan 4 13:53:59 1999Thanks to my good friend, Wint, VA3AOK, I learned of the
existence of this paper. Somehow, I expected it to also
have pictures of the various towns on the island that Wint
has told me so much about that I feel like I almost know
the island, without ever having been there. Thanks. Bob

Bob Nellans <[email protected]>
Argos, Indiana USA – Thu Dec 24 10:08:36 1998I’m thrilled to be able to read news from home.
Gail Gonzalez Najera {Fisher} <[email protected]>
Mexico City, Mexico – Wed Dec 2 21:41:52 1998I will bookmark this site & revisit for comments.
I am hoping to Shegviandah in January and would appreciate any information you are willing to provide…like how to get there from Espanola, availablitiy of accommodations, restaurants etc. Any suggestions of things I should see?

debi rouse <[email protected]>
Guelph, Ontario Canada – Sun Nov 8 20:54:19 1998Good Morning from the Golden State!

Our family spends the over half the year over on the shores of Silver Lake in Robinson Township. My Grandfather, Mr. R.D. Baldwin started the first trip with my Grandmother, Nellie. My folks are Ellis and Bonnie and will head south for the winter on November 8th, 1998. Our cottages are next door to each other there on Silver Lake. If it’s true that home is where the heart is, then my home is up there with you. Our subscription to the Recorder has been our only link until now. I knew the real estate companies and even the Expositor had web sites but.. we’re partial to the Recorder. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Our Thanksgiving will not be until late November.
Hello to all the great people at B&J’s, Myra Harper across the street, Lena Trick over at the home, Irwin Thompson when he comes into town and most certainly a big “Hello” to Betty Rumley. Congratulations to Grant and Dorothy Johnson who were wed last weekend down in Georgetown.
Take care and God bless. Sincerely, Rich Baldwin :^) >

Richard, Margie & Nathan Baldwin <[email protected]>
San Diego, California USA – Wed Oct 28 10:46:48 1998I love the magazine…We are looking to spend some time on the island next year ,so this was a great way to see what,s going on..
Allan Gallant <[email protected]>
Toronto, Ontario Canada – Thu Oct 8 12:00:59 1998Was hoping to find my niece Tracy Thomas had an Email address. Ah, us teckies, who think everyone else shares the same obsession! Tracy, if you’re around, love from Noella and Norman!!!
Noella andNorman <[email protected]>
OAKVILLE, ONTARIO USA – Wed Oct 7 17:46:55 1998Looking real good guys, keep up the excellent work

Errol Patterson <[email protected]>
Blind River, On Canada – Thu Aug 6 13:30:01 1998Great online magazine! We’re leaving tomorrow for the Island to visit friends, so this was a nice way to prepare.
Colleen Hillerup <[email protected]>
Toronto, Ontario Canada – Fri Jul 31 13:57:08 1998great site dylan ;o)
Alexander Colville <[email protected]>
Evansville, Ontario Canada – Tue Jul 28 16:22:44 1998Hello!
Welcome to The M@Gazette Guestbook!
We’re very exited to hear your feedback, so please leave a message.

Dylon Whyte <[email protected]>
Gore Bay, Ontario Canada – Tue Jul 7 15:43:50 1998

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