Favourite Music Photos



Michelle in NYC

This is me beside St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. It’s one of the better examples of neo-Gothic American architecture I’ve been to. My dear friend Valerie took the shot. That’s her below.



This is my Dilly Darling. He doesn’t photograph well, unfortunately, so you can’t tell how handsome he is. He sure loves that damned hat.

Dylon and I were married on August 8, 1998 in a civil ceremony (the mayor asked, “Is this a God or no-God wedding?”). Valerie was my maid of honour, a job she performed admirably, and our pal Uileag was best man. There were only 12 people at the wedding, a scandalously small affair for my Italian family, but my mother and gramma bore up well, everything considered.


Our Wedding

That fateful day

You may have noticed that I wore red. I did that because (a) white would have been inappropriate, under the circumstances, and (b) medieval brides wore their fanciest and most costly gowns to be married in, and since red dye was so dear, their most fancy gowns were probably red.