The Great Manitou Star Party — Schedule of Constellations

Star Party Etiquette

Common sense is the guiding principle of star party etiquette. Your fellow observers will be travelling hundreds, even thousands of kilometers to enjoy a few nights of peace and quite under the spectacular dark skies of Manitoulin Island. Please allow them to make the most of this experience.

White Light – Public Enemy # 1: If you’re a star party aficionado, you already know importance of eliminating white light from the observing site. It takes the human eye half-an-hour to adapt to darkness. Even a tiny glimpse of white light will undo the process. Guests are asked to arrive before sunset.

Once you’re parked, stay parked (unless there’s an emergency). If you’re going to be entering your vehicle, the interior lights must be disabled or covered with red filtering material. Filter kits will be available on site ($5.00 Canadian). Flashlights must also be filtered.

Silence is Golden: Nothing enhances the beauty of a star-filled night like the pure sound of nature’s symphony. This wonderful “silence” is a crucial part of the astronomy experience. Switch off the boom-box for a couple of nights and enjoy “the music of the spheres”.

Our Pet Policy: Animal ownership is a serious responsibility. If you’re planning to bring your dog, please be considerate. Dogs must be kept under control at all times. Excessive noise will not be tolerated. Dog owners are expected to “stoop-and-scoop”.

Private Property: Gordon’s Park and Carter Bay are private properties. These marvelous astronomy sites have been made available to us through the generosity of their owners. Please respect these properties.

Be extremely careful with fire (including cigarettes), keep your campsite clean, and never leave bottles or other glass containers lying around to become safety hazards. Please see the Gordon’s Park and Carter Bay Survival Guides for more details.

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