Fifth issue of the M@gazette!

The M@Gazette, Manitoulin's First Source of News and EntertainmentWelcome to the Fifth issue of the M@gazette! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. I know mine’s been going very well, I know it’s traditional to want a “White Christmas”, but as long as I have to drive all over the Island making service calls on computers I’d be happy if the whole darn winter was green and brown.

The M@Gazette, Manitoulin's First Source of News and EntertainmentIt’s been a very exciting time for us since the last issue, as many of you may have noticed Issue 5 is about a week late. This is because we moved our entire M@nitoulink World HQ– half of our stuff is still in boxes and the place looks like a warzone, but at least we’re up and running. Our new office will make things a lot easier once we’re organized. We’re hoping to start computer classes in January to help educate the island. It’s time we caught up with the rest of the world as far as technology goes.

The M@Gazette, Manitoulin's First Source of News and EntertainmentWe have another exciting issue for you this month. First off is our newest column: M@Gazette Investigative Reports. Barbara is back with a special holiday Babs in Toyland and Bryant brings us another excellent music review in his Sonic Explorations. We also have the exciting conclusion to the Dreemlyn Myths story Suspicions, as well as an exciting array of M@Gazette Recommended Sites. Not to mention all our regular columns, like another delicious recipe, this one for Risotto Milanese, from Michelle and a hopefully fascinating book review from yours truly.

The M@Gazette, Manitoulin's First Source of News and EntertainmentThe Manitoulin Amateur Radio club’s entire roster of members with email addresses is now included in our Email Address Directory. If anyone else wants to be listed, please let us know and we’ll add you to the directory.

The M@Gazette, Manitoulin's First Source of News and EntertainmentHappy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Solstice! Happy Hanukkah! And most of all Happy New Year! 1999 promises to be an exciting year for Manitoulin Island and the M@Gazette as we prepare to celebrate the coming of the next millenium in 2001 with year long events in 2000.

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