Biography of Bonnie Kogos, Travel Editor and Contributor to The M@Gazette

Bonnie is a 20 year travel agent and travel writer who has traveled to over 90 countries and 31 Islands in her work and for love, she adores Manitoulin and comes here to relax, go fishing, see friends and write. She has been writing about Manitoulin, Birch Island, Espanola and Sudbury for seven years in her column, WINDOW SEAT, published every other Monday in THE SUDBURY STAR.

Bonnie Kogos, Travel Editor and Contributor to the M@Gazette

Bonnie uses Shelley Pearen’s book, EXPLORING MANITOULIN, published by the University of Toronto, which is a facinating help for you to have before you plan your trip. You may purchase copies of this book through the Manitoulin-Link.

For travel information and opinions about visiting and vacationing on Manitoulin Island and in North Ontario, please call Bonnie, who is happy to give you information and book you. There is a small service fee. You may reach Bonnie at McCord Travel Management, 16 East 34th Street, NYC, NY 10016. Her toll free number is 1-800-221-2786. Her fax is 212-594-4754: Att: Bonnie, and her E-Mail is [email protected].

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