Canton of Marwick’s Electronic Messenger Newsletter – Issue 4.

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Greetings all and welcome to another Marwick Messenger. Happy Valentine’s day. For those of you who have not been coming to Canton Meetings, even Garth the Tinker was at our last one (and in Winter, no less!) So come on out to our next Canton Meeting, Thursday, March 11 at 7:30pm at the Barnes and Noble on Rte. 22 in Springfield.

We will be having a display in the Westifeld Public Library during the month of April. In the locked case we will display Erec’s helm and mail coif, Robert’s Psalter, an example of Garth’s leatherwork, Naomi’s book among others. There is still room yet, so if you have someting of exemplary interest you would like to show off, please contact Erec by email. If you have already agreed to display something, please bring it to Mudthaw that Anna von Argenthal can collect everything for the case. Our display will be up for the month of April.

Duchess Gabrielle spoke to me about ideas she had for a sort of arts and sciences type of event, not as formal a setting as university, but a place where people can show off some of the things they’ve been doing. She envisioned this as a large event, supported by several smaller groups in the southern region. This seemed to me to be a great idea, and something which is right up Marwick’s alley. The Canton is approaching a stage where we can support an event. We certainly have a great cook in Lisa. This seems like the perfect opportunity– it fits in with our artsy image, and if we work in conjunction with other groups, it isn’t as difficult as running a whole event on our own. I will speak wth her more on this issue, and be able to put the whole idea up at the meeting on March 11.

Upcoming local(ish) events include:

        • Feb 20 Ostgardr
        • Feb 20 Barren Sands
        • Mar 13 Ostgardr
        • Mar 21 Hartshorndale
        • Mar 27 Mudthaw, Settmour Swamp

See you at the next meeting!

In Service,
Lord Erec L’Claire

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