Canton of Marwick’s Electronic Messenger Newsletter – Issue Two.

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Greetings all. I hope this missive finds you well, and best wishes for the upcoming holiday.


Marwick met again, on the third tuesday, being November 17 at the Barnes and Noble on Rte. 22 in Springfield, NJ at 7:30. Our next meeting will be a medieval dinner at our Seneschal’s house, Dec 13. Official business meetings are going to have to be rescheduled due to the seneschal getting a new job, but the Socials can still occur every Third Tuesday at the bookstore.

We will be having a display in the display case at Westfield Public Library the month of April. If anyone has ideas on what to put in it (it is small) please contact Lord Erec. We will also get a press release to go along with this display– if you want to write it, talk to Erec. These things should help us with our publicity. Another idea put forth was to make up some posters for the local libraries, stores and schools. Those of you with artistic abilities are sorely needed for this one! Also on the publicity vein was the idea to buy an ad in the Ren Fair program. This likes me well, what do you think?

We talked about our personas a bit, Frau Anna had some wonderful ideas and information which she passed around, including an excellent book about the town where Anna is from! Now that was really cool.

Marwick will be setting up carpools to events, so please let Erec know which events you are definitly attending, and which ones you would like to attend. Sharing rides makes the ride much more fun.

Our next gathering will be a medieval dinner at the seneschal’s house in North Plainfield, Sunday Dec 13. Everyone is invited, but please talk to Erec for directions if you intend to come. Seating is limited, and we need to know in advance how much and what for and all that. You will probably be asked to bring something or contribute in some way. We will discuss the above issues further, and arrange for our new meeting day, in addition to any new business that may arise.


There is talk about forming a Southern Region principality afoot. We would like Marwick to have an ‘official’ stance on this, but will not do so without input from everybody. So far all we could agree on was that the East Kingdom needs a principality at this point. For more info, visit the movement’s website.

They have been running straw polls, and it is VERY IMPORTANT that you make your opinions known. This is something which could get pushed through, and you don’t want to have this kind of thing thrust upon you.

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