Welcome to Issue #2 of the M@Gazette!

First and foremost, I have to apologize for the delay in bringing our second issue to you. The combination of planning my wedding and trying to get other business commitments out of the way meant that it just wasn’t possible to get our second issue out on time. But since I plan on only getting married once in my life, chaos willing, these sorts of delays will never have to happen again. The wedding was a smashing success, by the way– my wife and I were happily married on August 8th, 1998.

Now on to business… We’ve been overwhelmed by all the positive responses from our first issue, but I want to remind all of our readers that we still want to hear all your feedback. We need photo contest entries, email listings, stories and contributions of all sorts are welcome. We want the M@Gazette to showcase the island to the world, the only way it can do this is if you tell us what you want the world to see.

Until Issue #3, Journey On!

– Dylon Whyte, August 20th, 1998.

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