Canton of Marwick’s Information Page

The heraldic device of the Canton of Marwick in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.Canton of Marwick Information Page Officers

Seneschal:Erec L’Claire
Eric Erb(908) 822 – 1992
Specialties: archery, fighting.

Exchequer:Frau Anna Katherine von Argenthal
Valerie Frank(908) 232 – 8111
Specialties: Sewing, embroidery, historical research.

Mistress of Arts & Sciences:Lady Marguerite de Bordeaux
Michelle Roberts(705) 282 – 2844
Specialties: Sewing, embroidery, cookery.

Archery Captain:Garth
Specialties: Archery, woodworking.


At the Barnes and Noble bookstore on Route 22 West, every 3rd Tuesday of each month. It is a book discussion group as well as a cantonial meeting, check the Messenger each month to see next month’s topic and suggested reading list. Contact Erec for directions.


Workshops are not held regularly, but on an as-desired basis. If there is a topic about which you would like to learn more, or which you yourself can teach others, please contact Marguerite to schedule a workshop. Topics include, but are by no means restricted to: dance, cookery, sewing, embroidery, woodworking, armouring, heraldry, persona research, soapmaking, fabric dyeing.


Catch up on matters pertaining to Marwick by reading the Electronic Messenger, the online newsletter of the Canton written by our beloved Seneschal, Erec L’Claire. The Messenger changes every month, so bookmark this site and return soon! If you would like to subscribe to the mailing list, please give Erec your email address.

If you would like to submit an article for publication here, contact Marguerite.

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