Canton of Marwick’s Electronic Messenger Newsletter – Issue One.

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I hope this missive finds you well.


Marwick met, on the third Tuesday, being October 20 at the Barnes and Noble on Rte. 22 in springfield.

Our next meeting will be November 17 (also the third tuesday) at the bookstore. We will be exploring persona development, so come prepared to tell us about your medieval self. If you have not yet developed your persona, fear not for there will be much to talk about, learn and experience. We are also going to look into the medieval holidays of the season, with an eye to do something special for the december meeting.

We talked about some of the possibilities for moving the meeting site to a more private location, such as a church hall, to better facilitate presentations. It seems that sites are a continual problem. Keep your eyes peeled, and let Erec know what you find. He is waiting just on the other side of that reply button.

We will be doing a field trip to see Elizabeth I when it comes out. Call Erec or Val for the latest on that.


Marwick is in dire need of new blood, and of stirring the old blood remaining. Please contact the seneschal if you know of anyone who should be getting this mailing but didn’t. There are some other avenues of approach we can and are using as well:

Canton of Marwick web site is up and running, thanks to Michelle. Visit it at We are looking for articles of a historical research nature for the site. If you have pictures or articles for the site, please get in touch with Erec.

Westfield Library has a display case in which we might be able to have an exhibit. I am still trying to get a list of official members of the canton, I have been in contact with the Society seneschal and now I am following his advice and going through our new kingdom seneschal, so maybe in the next year or so, we might have an idea of who we are. They might have been able to make this a little more difficult.

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